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Red, Cream & Tortoiseshell Society

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Founded in 1901


RCT Society


Founder member club of GCCF

Annual Championship Show

Member of the Persian BAC & BSHGC

Catering for Red, Cream & Tortie Persians, Exotics & British

Welcome to one of Britain's Premier Breed Clubs.


Founded in 1901, the RCT is one of the Fancy’s oldest clubs.  


We cater for Persian, Exotic and British Cats in the following colours/patterns:


Black, Red, Cream, Tortoiseshell, Dominant & Dilute Tortie & White, Brown,

Cream & Red Tabby (all patterns), Bi-Colour, Blue-Cream, Chocolate, Lilac,

Chocolate Tortie and Lilac-Cream.


We are now the only club catering specifically for these particular colours.

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Show Schedule 2021